Are there gaps in your primary annual research? Are you aware of a bias in your data, but you are unsure how that bias affects results? You may need a RealityCheck™​, and we can provide that for you.



Is your product an injectable in pre-launch or already competing in a heavily dynamic market? Do you need a reliable way to track changes in post-launch patient usage or market share of your drug vs. each competitor?

Clarity Pharma can traverse sections of the globe with you, whether you are sizing a market in the United States, studying adherence to treatment guidelines in Japan, or comparing disease practice patterns in Canada.

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  • Pre-, post-launch treatment patterns
  • Sizing the market
  • Measuring clinical utility
  • Verifying clinical trial parameters
  • Mapping the competitive landscape
  • Identifying post-launch obstacles and opportunities
  • Measuring product uptake
  • Indications and off-label usage
  • Patient share vs. drug share
  • Tracking market changes
  • Segmentation
  • Product positioning and differentiation
  • Measuring adherence to protocol

  • Delphi method consensus building
  • Epidemiologic studies
  • Econometric modeling

•  Asia:
     – Japan

     – China
     – India
     – Turkey

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Whether your product is pre-launch, post-launch, or established in the market and facing new competition, our custom-designed primary research answers key business questions and can fill critical gaps in your claims or syndicated data. 


•  United States

•  Canada

South & Central America:
     – Mexico
     – Brazil 



Are you using the best research tools to understand the market? Are your data reliable and is your sample representative? If not, we can help your company with FactPlus, a reality-based patient records study.


Global Capabilities



Do all of your research projects together yield ONE cohesive story, or does your ATU study disagree in some ways with your supplier's chart audit? We have a solution that coalesces perceptual and empirical data.