Injectables, IVs

We have studied biologic treatments for more than 20 years, beginning in the 1990s with a breast cancer study in which we investigated HER2 testing. We have conducted numerous studies in which biologics were used, including those to treat or enhance treatment of immuno­compromised patients.


Our research includes more than 15 years studying colony-stimulating factors (CSFs) and their role in treating blood disorders, blood cancers, cancer-induced neutropenia, and immune disorders. We also studied the role of macrophages in enhancing stem cell implant outcomes.


We have studied other biologics as well, including interferons, interleukins, and erythropoietins. 


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Clarity has researched many injectable medications (including IV, intramuscular, subcutaneous, infusion, instillation, etc.).


Clarity's pioneering methodology: Two decades ago, our scientists developed a method to accurately determine the number of patients using injectables and the volume of product used per patient.


Estimates based solely on claims data are unreliable. Our total dosing and volume methodology provides accurate metrics for these medications.

Targeted therapies, biologics

We provide accurate metrics for IV and other injectable medications.