Case Study 1
Research provides understanding of current treatment paradigms for a target condition and best opportunities for a forthcoming first-in-class treatment

This pharmaceutical company was conducting Phase 3 clinical trials for a drug that would offer a new type of pharma treatment for a high-prevalence condition. The client needed to gain a robust understanding of the existing patient flow and treatment dynamics in order to size the market opportunity in critical market segments. The brand team analyzed various data collection methodologies for robustness and the ability to provide required information and found:

  • numerous limitations to combining qualitative physician recall information onto a secondary data-based model;
  • key data such as average number of treatment procedures by patient type could only be obtained through a quantitative methodology;
  • claims data did not provide the granularity (such as staging, histology, etc.) needed for the market segmentation;
  • published literature also could not help quantify fluid treatment & patient dynamics.

The brand team concluded that a patient chart audit that was properly integrated with existing primary and secondary data would be the best choice for capturing an accurate snapshot of the current market and to help build a robust forecast model. Clarity Pharma was selected to provide this vital research. A nationally representative sample of target physicians extracted detailed information from the records of physicians’ last 4 patients whom they had seen with the target condition. The study met all 9 of our sample validity standards, ensuring it was representative and could be generalized.


The study provided:

  • factual understanding of how patients with a target condition are treated in actual practice by US target specialists;
  • quantified treatment trends by patient type (i.e., primary, recurrent, alternative treatment 1 (AT1) intolerant, AT1 failure/refractory) and treatment rates (rate for primary treatment regimens, maintenance therapy, compliance);
  • identification of areas of strategic opportunity for the prelaunch drug;
  • identification of hidden growth opportunities for the prelaunch drug;
  • improved forecasting accuracy with respect to costs, revenue potential, and profitability of the pre-launch drug;
  • provided a valuable baseline database against which periodic future comparisons could detect important, even subtle, changes in physician practice and treatment patterns of the target condition.

The client gained actionable insight to its value and the core issues that needed to be addressed. For example, the company made a major change in the focus of its final Phase 3 clinical trials as a result of new insights gained from the Clarity study. The modifications were accepted by the FDA. The client also immediately began planning a course of action and implementing recommendations.

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