Case 1:  Current Treatments and Best Opportunities
for a forthcoming first-in-class treatment                
Case 2:  Move from Pre-Launch to Blockbuster
         in a crowded market
Case 3:  Competitive Landscape of Usage Tracking
         plus demand-forecasting updates & support
Case 5:  Measuring Adherence to Guidelines
for treating cancer; a 5-nation comparison

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The study outputs proved to be very valuable and provided the brand team with new information and insights needed to adjust market strategy development and planning decisions.  An example of project outputs is presented here.  Note that the initial dosage was the final maintenance dosage for 1 patient in 10, 2% were discontinued without a dosing change, and 3% were current patients still receiving the initial dosage.  Seventeen of 20 patients had at least 1 titration, and only 2% had as many as 7 titrations. 

Case Study 4

Research provides patient-flow and dosing-stage mapping of target drug usage for a target condition

To identify potential opportunities to gain market share in a crowded market, a leading pharmaceutical company needed to gain a deeper understanding of how a target drug was being titrated and the relationship of titration to patient and treating physician satisfaction with the treatment.  The brand team also needed to know the number of patients at each dosing stage and how these patients flowed through the treatment process. 
Although a great deal of claims data, other secondary data, and primary research had been purchased by the company, these data contained significant gaps, inconsistencies, omissions, and likely biases. 

The brand team was familiar with the various patient record/treating physician studies our scientists previously had conducted for the company and inquired about the potential of this methodology to provide the needed information and insights for this situation.  Clarity obtained a high level of study participation by a scientifically valid, nationally representative sample of target physicians who extracted the needed patient-flow and dosing-titration information from the records of a representative sample of patients with the target condition.