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  • ISPOR (International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research): Dr. Jack R. Gallagher, Clarity Pharma Research chief scientist, was lead author of a poster presentation at the November 2015 European congress in Milan, Italy, about the use of a retrospective patient chart audit to capture economic burden evidence for a rare disease. Global Operations Director Kylee Jean Heap was a co-author.
  • EphMRA (European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association): Dr. Gallagher presented “Precedent and consequence research to undergird orphan reimbursement strategy – A multi-layered, non-traditional approach,” a presentation on building evidence packages to gain market access that he co-authored with a client, at the June 2015 EphMRA conference in Amsterdam.   
  • Urology Practice has published an article based on findings of a Clarity Pharma Research study on genomic testing and prostate cancer, with Dr. Gallagher among the co-authors.
  • Japanese Respiratory Society: Nonproprietary findings of Clarity Pharma Research’s multi-nation study of a rare lung disease were presented in a poster in April 2015 at the society’s 55th annual meeting in Tokyo. Clarity’s Dr. Gallagher was a co-author.
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