Pharmaceutical market research is a multistage endeavor, and quality is the cornerstone of each stage to produce an outstanding, actionable final product. We have an established definition for quality that begins with identifying short- and long-term decisions, problems, and opportunities for which a client is responsible. 



We are decision-focused from the project start rather than technique-focused. This involves knowing how information is to be used by the client. We evaluate a range of research designs and techniques to determine the best methodology to follow. If a project is not begun this way and if processes to ensure alignment of customer expectations with project output are not in place, the project will not yield actionable results and effective decisions.


Perhaps the greatest obstacle to quality pharmaceutical market research is failure to obtain a representative sample of the population under study. Even the most sophisticated statistical analytic techniques will lead to wrong conclusions and decisions when applied to a flawed sample.
We are passionate about representative sampling. Our key differentiator is that we are the only firm that provides nationally representative patient records research. We maintain quality during data collection and other points during research through a periodic auditing process.


We minimize exposure to risk, achieve client and participant satisfaction, streamline processes, and avoid duplication. Our commitment to efficient use of resources and high quality translates to effective cost control and cost savings.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Clarity Pharma Research® is a specialty pharmaceutical market research supplier focused on patient chart audit / treating physician studies.

  • We provide scientifically valid patient records research that you can generalize to the entire target universe, not just to panels or segments of the universe as provided by other suppliers. 

  • Our results have been accepted by the FDA to modify clinical trial development, our data have aligned with SEER, and our studies have withstood the scrutiny of peer-review medical journals and medical conferences.

  • We are a scientific research organization (SRO) serving pharmaceutical, medical device, and biomedical companies.

About Our Firm

Testimonials from Our Clients

Clarity corporate or staff memberships include:

  • Insights Association
    (CASRO / MRA merger)
  • Intellus Worldwide
    (PMRG / PBIRG merger)

We adhere to our industry's Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research, an internationally cited set of standards that long has been the benchmark for the industry.

We protect the interests of study participants and clients, integrity of the data, and confidentiality of all information and communication received through research and client interaction.

We also measure each of our studies against a rigorous, written set of internal standards. Additional standards to which we comply are those of peer-review journals and medical organizations to which we contribute at client request and consent.

Research Standards

The Clarity team is composed of respected scientists who specialize in medical and pharmaceutical market research and experienced support staff who are dedicated to serving each client’s unique needs.


The firm’s founder, Dr. Jack R. Gallagher, a consumer psychologist with more than 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical market research, was a member of the University of Virginia Medical School faculty and for many years served on the editorial review boards of two scientific journals, Marketing Health Services and the Journal of Health Care Marketing (of the American Marketing Association). Dr. Gallagher participates in ResearchGate and is a member of the Science Advisory Board, an international group of scientists. On the team:  

  • a specialist in qualitative research for more than two decades;
  • a post-graduate statistics and information science specialist;
  • a global director who has directed numerous research projects for the firm over the past decade and who has co-written articles.

Clarity consulting physician researchers and co-authors / presenters have contributed to medical research and have served at prestigious medical schools and institutions. Clarity and many of its consultants also are ranked by and participate on ResearchGate.

The Clarity Team

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