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Over the years, we have conducted various types of studies for more than 100 hospitals and other health care organizations, including nursing homes and geriatric facilities, in more than 20 states. Study types include: hospital consumer, patient (inpatient, outpatient, special service), medical staff and referring physician, and economic (e.g., new outpatient surgery facility feasibility, market demand, patient flow in ER). We also have studied managed care in the United States, including PPOs and HMOs, and the Canadian health care system.

Emergency room standards – We developed a comprehensive system to evaluate emergency rooms in hospitals of various sizes. Our procedures were incorporated into the evaluation procedures employed by the Joint Commission (TJC), at that time called the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Our chief scientist, Dr. Jack Gallagher, also has extensive onsite experience in evaluating and improving patient flow and outcomes in ERs across the US, and he completed his doctoral internship in clinical psychology at a Virginia medical facility.

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