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We are hematology specialists. Results of some of our studies have been published in medical journals and presented at ASCO and other medical conferences.


For more than 15 years we studied colony stimulating factor (CSF) use in patients with blood disorders and blood cancers including multiple myeloma and various forms of leukemia. We have studied other biologics in addition to CSFs, including interferons, interleukins, and erythropoietins.


Our studies have included those on neutropenia, several on anemia treatments, and 2 national surveys of bone marrow transplants and peripheral blood stem cell transplants at 82 U.S. centers. We have written white papers based on our research regarding anemia associated with HIV / AIDS and hepatitis C.


We also have studied hemophilia, hyperuricemia, stroke risk, bleed risk, INR monitoring, and related therapies including anticoagulants and antiplatelets, and warfarin reversal.


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