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Older patients factor into many of our studies, especially regarding cardiology, oncology, and urology, plus we have specifically studied the need for geriatric services.


Geriatric care – We have conducted 31 studies in specific geographic areas that have focused on the availability of and need for geriatric services, including the need for:


Chronic  care: patients who enter a nursing facility typically because they are no longer able to care for themselves at home;


Post-acute care: patients who receive skilled nursing post-acute care, typically lasting less than 30 days.


Medicare – We used our patient records research to correct the Medicare database and incorporate findings into a national epidemiologic model for a disease with two of NIH’s top epidemiologists serving as co-investigators/co-authors of a peer-review article for a rare disease.


Medicaid – We developed a national model that estimated the amount of reimbursement a particular client owed each state quarterly for a particular drug. Many older patients receive Medicaid. We also hosted a national conference in Washington, DC, on the use of our model to estimate Medicaid fraud by state.

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