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In this example, our client had believed progression risk was the most significant driver and had made it an end point in clinical trials. Our study found through logistic regression analysis that recurrence risk and whether physicians followed guidelines were even more significant influences.


Citations of these findings from our patient records study were used to successfully modify the clinical development plan of a new product that previously had been found not acceptable by both the FDA and the European Medicines Agency (EMEA).

We Offer Strategic Answers and Insights
Not Available from Any Other Source


Clarity is uniquely positioned as a producer of scientifically valid and representative primary patient-chart audit and treating-physician research for pharmaceutical companies.
Nothing else matters without a scientifically valid sample.  The ultimate test of accuracy and validity of our studies is the extent to which findings have led our clients to make correct strategic decisions.
Numerous peer-review articles and presentations are a testament to our scientifically valid studies.
We answer key business questions about medications or devices whether pre-launch, recently post-launch, or established in the market.
We make good claims data better.  Our primary research, custom-designed to fit your needs, fills in the gaps and the whys in claims/syndicated data.  We are the glue that binds disparate data together.
We find patients for whom no, or wrong, diagnosis codes are given.
The Sampling Frame Is More Important Than Sample Size


Sometimes Less Is More!

Sample volume often is confused with sample representativeness. A survey sample’s ability to represent a target population depends on several factors, including the master list from which the sample is selected.
Small representative samples can be more informative than large
Large non-representative
can be
as misinforming as
small non-representative samples. 

We Strive for a


Sampling Frame

In the U.S., the American Medical
Association Masterfile contains:

      • A complete list of physicians

      • Accurate contact information

      • Updates

      • Key demographic and practice metrics for target physicians nationally and by region/subregion

When we use a client list, we make sure we obtain a representative sample of that target universe by selecting a sample of the list that mirrors its demographic and physician practice characteristics


      Why sampling matters:


Our Analytics Can Uncover the Key Market Drivers
Learn What Really Influences Treatment Decisions

We use advanced analytics to help identify the real drivers behind physicians’ treatment and prescribing behaviors. 

Good decisions require valid samples:
NOT the widely used panel samples that: 
•   Include the convenient:
    — Easy-to-select physicians
    — Glad-to-participate physicians
  •   Exclude the inconvenient:
    — Marketing-research resisting physicians
    — Heavily burdened physicians
    — Other hard-to-reach physicians
Clarity’s representative samples:
  •   Mirror all segments of target population

The Decision Process:

Learn Why Physicians Treat the Way They Do 

By studying representative physicians and anonymous target patients, we capture:


   — How physicians treat

   — Why physicians treat

   — Results of treatment

   — Likelihood of modifying treatment

   — Reasons for drug choice


We also capture the treatment algorithm, e.g.:


   — Diagnosis and protocol

   — Dosing, titration, duration

   — Treatment layering

   — Safety, efficacy

   — Switching behaviors

   — Patient characteristics

   Physician characteristics

   — Co-morbidities

   — Patient compliance

   — Insurance, cost issues

  •   Appropriately represent the inconvenient:
    — We include groups underrepresented in or excluded from panel or other convenience studies. 
     — Our samples meet the core requirement of a representative study:

  • ALL members of the target universe must have a nonzero probability or chance of being selected to participate.

Panel physicians should be represented, but not over-represented!

The Clarity Difference: Representative Samples, Scientifically Valid Studies