TrackerPlus™ is a reality-based patient records product providing accurate metrics related to effects on market share of:
  • the volume of and also the kinds of patients receiving your drug and each competitor drug.





Pharmaceutical companies often purchase separate ATU and patient records research. They receive two outputs, a subjective study and a factual patient records study. Often, a conflict exists between what physicians perceive that they do vs. what they actually do. You cannot “correct” a perceptual questionnaire without the aid of a fact-based patient records study. Thus, physician perception and patient reality can be at odds. Solution: FactOp is designed to give you a complete picture of your marketplace by obtaining:
  • facts through patient records research;

  • participant opinion through a “sister” ATU study;

  • and the difference between reality and perception.

This is used on an as-needed basis. This product increases your ROI on your primary sources of annual research. This product determines biases, fills in gaps, and expands insight into your primary annual research (Internet studies, ATU studies, panel, or other nonrepresentative/convenience sampling).

Tracker Plus™ looks at the facts while also capturing important physician perceptions. It provides accurate measures of changing physician “mind share” for your drug and for each key competitor drug. It could be expanded periodically to gain insights into newly emerged issues such as:
  • the major factors that promote or drive volume changes;
  • effects on market share of bundling/rebates/discounts by competitors;
  • effects on market share of usage factors such as dosing and suitability for specific sites or patient conditions. 

Tracker Plus™ study rounds can be conducted monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually. The frequency can be increased or decreased as market needs permit.

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FactPlus™ is a reality-based patient records study. It can help you:
  • assess market growth potential with much more precision than other methodologies;
  • identify hidden growth opportunities in a new or existing market (e.g., off-label usage for a target drug);
  • and improve forecasting accuracy with respect to costs, revenue potential, and profitability.

This study is needed to understand such factors as dosing and titration (by diagnosis, duration of treatment), switching behaviors and patterns, and patient characteristics.