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We began researching breast cancer in the early 1990s. The example chart shows a wave from one of our early HER2 breast cancer tracking studies, in which the question was: 

       To what extent were physicians recording the HER2 status of breast cancer patients? 


Among other women’s health issues, we have studied spontaneous preterm births, ovarian cancer, and have conducted multiple studies on contraceptives, including IUDs.


Our research experience includes multi-nation studies of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC), affecting mostly males, on which we have published both in the US and Europe with leading urological oncologists.


Regarding mens health, we also have studied treatments for the debilitating and rare Peyronie’s disease, and prostate cancer was a key part of our 15+ years of studying CSF usage.


Our studies of orchiectomy patients and the client’s implementation of our recommendation to sponsor support groups for testicular cancer patients brought the client an award from the American Urological Association.