Case 1: Current Treatments and Best Opportunities
               for a forthcoming first-in-class treatment
Case 2
: Move from Pre-Launch to Blockbuster

in a crowded market
​Case 3:
 Competitive Landscape of Usage Tracking

               plus demand-forecasting updates & support 

Case 4: Mapping Patient Flow and Dosing Stage
         of a drug for a target condition 

Case 5: Measuring Adherence to Guidelines
         for treating cancer; a 5-nation comparison

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Epidemiologic studies:

  • A health needs assessment of Coachella Valley, California
  • Market sizing for conditions treated by several orphan drugs


Delphi method consensus building:

Our collaborative estimating and forecasting methodology
combines independent analysis with maximum use of feedback for building consensus among world-recognized experts who interact anonymously.

  • Estimating annual prevalence of diseases when secondardy data are lacking

Econometric modeling:

  • Optimal sales force sizing
  • Valuing certain market assets in a potential company buyout
  • Determining whether a client should buy a generic manufacturer, and at what price
  • Development of a desktop system for marketing staff to determine relative contributions of sales force vs. contract effects
  • Relative financial contributions of client's sales force vs. that of a contractor marketing the client's drug
  • Forecast of likely company sales by product line  

Focus groups/ATU studies:

We have enhanced quantitative studies with qualitative services such as:

  • Branding, messaging, buyer preference focus groups
  • Pre-launch qualitative research for a new atypical antipsychotic and continued tracking/market strategy evaluation studies

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We’d Like to Discuss Product-Optimizing Case Studies Like This One:

Update projections as appropriate

Fill in gaps in transaction- based estimates

Resizing a Market

ID minimum # Dx & Tx, based on transactions

        The major study objectives were to:

  • Increase confidence in updated market size projections for the client to share internally and externally.
  • Develop a valuable baseline database against which periodic future comparisons could detect important changes in key physician practice and treatment patterns.
  • Anchor our estimates on a commercial ICD claims database after we determined how to fill in gaps and correct errors and other problems with claims data.